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Standard conform

: IEC 1330/AS62271


Rated voltage                

: Up to 24KV-50Hz  

Rated power                                

: Up to 2MVA, Dried type transformer or option for oil insulated transformer with oil leaked storage base tank

Swith-gear componet

: MV : Standard with Vacuum breakers, Gas breakers available high breaking capacity. ABB/Schneider/Siemens

: LV : a wide range choice for LV component ABB/Shneider/Siemens

Rated short circuit withstand current                        : Up to 20KA/1sec  
Power Factor compensation

: Option on request, up 1MVAR with 12 step automatic controlled relay

Remote monitoring system

: Option on request. Built remote HMI and PLC based control system


: Natural or option force air ventilation

Operation altitude

: Up to 1000m above sea level

Ambient temperature

: Up to 45oC

Protection IP

: IP54 for outdoor, IP43 for indoor

House construction

: Base kiosk frames are manufactured on reinforced U100 type rolled steel bar

  Hot Dip Galvanized base, or Epoxy power coated.

  Most heave parts are supported on these frames.

  Side, bottom and top are fabricated form 1.5mm or 2.0mmT where it needs mild steel with proper surface treated and UV proof epoxy power coated, keeps it last longer for outside purpose, under sunshine rays.

  Standard color RAL. 7032, other available on request.